What is the textiles industry?


The textiles industry is one of the oldest in the world. Indeed textiles are as old as people themselves as we have always sought textiles to meet our basic human need for clothing and protection.


The UK has more than 79,000 textiles businesses employing over 340,000 people. The gross value added for the sector in the UK is estimated at over £11.5 billion which makes up 3% of the UK economy

The UK is also the 15th largest textiles manufacturer in the world

The breadth of these industries is very wide from the traditional areas of fashion
and interiors to technical textiles such as medical textiles,
geo textiles and performance textiles.

Repatriation of UK textiles manufacture

The  Alliance Report - Read the full report here 

How the Textiles Industry is Changing 


Take a look at the video  below on the future of fashion and textiles (it’s a long one but shows how fashion and textiles is changing)

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