The creative industries contributed a record £91.8bn to the UK economy in 2016, official statistics showThe contribution of the UK creative industries - as measured by Gross Value Added (GVA) - rose by 7.6 per cent in 2016, or more than twice as fast as the average 3.5 per cent growth rate in this measure across the UK economy.


Between 2010 and 2016, the creative industries sub-sectors - which include advertising, film and TV, architecture, publishing, music, design, games, museums and galleries, fashion, crafts, and the creative use of technology - grew their economic contribution by 44.8 per cent, outpacing even the purely digital sector which increased its GVA by 23.3 per cent during this period.


Much of the growth in the creative industries is thought to be coming from the field known as createch in which technology is used to enable creativity, and vice versa.

Creative Industries 

The industries include - Advertising; Arts & Culture; Craft; Createch; Design; Fashion; Games;  Music; Publishing and TV and Film.

For more information on the creative industries from the Creative Industries Council - read more here

For updated information from the Department of Digital, Cultural, Media and Sport  - read more here

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