The educational module is called “Realising your Potential in Business” and is currently designed to enable non-traditional students (currently asylum seekers and refugees in Cardiff) to experience education that is light touch, inclusive and developmental because it is based on supportive learning.


This module is free to attend and runs for nine weeks. It is assessed at the end of the nine-weeks with a twenty-minute team presentation. Successful completion leads to the award of a certificate (level zero). The module is unique because it is run in collaboration with Cardiff University’s Business School, the Continuing and Professional Education Department, the Welsh Refugee Council (WRC) and international student organisation, Enactus.


The proposal to deliver this module in partnership with BehindBras is an extension of this existing collaborative work. It is envisaged that the module would be made available to former women prisoners in the Cardiff area. This could be delivered as an exclusively BehindBras module with former women prisoners making up the student group. As with the existing module they would be partnered with Enactus students to come up with a business idea, which they would “test” over the nine weeks of the module. The key themes covered in the module include problem definition, ideation, team building, due diligence and business presentation.


All of the work is conducted in teams of 4-6 students with each team made up of equal members from Cardiff University’s Enactus Society and the non-traditional student group. The usual cohort size is around twenty students. Ideally, those non-traditional students identified by BehindBras would attend the module before starting formal training as the module is designed to provide an educational “ice-breaker” especially because many of the students nominated may have mixed educational experiences. Successful completion will give them confidence to move onto the formal training offered by BehindBras.

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Nine Weeks


 Mon - Friday - Times TBC  

Course Fees:   * Free

*This programme will be offered to women from HMP Eastwood Park together with former women prisoners who are under the supervision of the Probation services in the Cardiff. 

Ready to take your first steps into the lingerie industry. 


Courses are held predominately in London in a group session of 6 with the maximum of 10 delegates per workshop.