Pre-order our LIMITED EDITION Bra today and be one of the FIRST supporters of BehindBras

We are busy creating a bespoke, beautiful and limited edition bra to help get BehindBras up and running. Why not buy one of our bras? Not only will you look fantastic, you'll feel fantastic too. Why? Because 100% of our profits from this bra will go straight back into BehindBras to help and support women in prison to find meaningful employment when they leave. 

Our limited edition Signature Bra is made in a choice of four colours - 

Peach, Grey, Charcoal and Black

for just






Mixed  lace and solid lace trimmed straps with scallop lace 

Satin & Lace

Soon to follow our Rimini Bra will be a choice of knickers.  

Design and Manufacturing of our Lingerie

The lingerie we produce is synonymous with only the purest of silks, the finest most luxurious fabrics available together with our sumptuous colour palettes and exquisite attention to detail, each piece evokes the brand's passion for the craft by delivering intimates that exudes feminine strength, beauty and sophistication.


We work with design and manufacturing consultants in London, Nottingham and Europe who assist us with the desire to create a better product, built to last and with minimal environmental and social impact. 


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Made out of satin and silk