Personal Development

BehindBras is rapidly expanding providing personal development skills to enhance women’s rehabilitation. We also propose to assist women to become better equipped for life and work in order that they move on positively.

Stitching Academy
  • Level 1 - ABC Award Stitching Academy

  • Level 2 - ABC Certificate Stitching Academy

  • Level 1 - ABC Perfect Pattern Cutting 

  • Level 2 - ABC Certificate Perfect Pattern Cutting

  • Apprenticeship Stitching Academy

Lingerie Design

Our Lingerie Academy will consist of a cohort of  10 women (who are able to travel to London) to attend a series lingerie design courses which will lead to setting up our own be Lingerie Academy Studio in London.


You may decide that you want to set up your own lingerie business we're also here to help.  Drop us a line to discuss your future in lingerie design.

Retail Management
  • Introduction to Buying and Merchandising

  • Introduction and Intermediate to Buying

  • Introduction and Intermediate to Merchandising

  • Introduction to Visual Merchandising

  • Introduction to Personal Styling

  • Introduction to Fashion PR and Marketing

Social Media & Digital Marketing 


  • Digital Marketing covering; Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagrafor 

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Fashion Marketing & Fashion Business 

We will be working with a number of universities and colleges initially in London to source courses for our canididates to cover all aspects of fashion and fashion business bothby distant learning and workshop training.

Open Study Courses
  • Business

  • Design

  • Marketing

  • Event Management

  • Personal Assistant

  • Photography

  • Project Management

  • Retail

  • Sales

  • Social Media

Diploma and Awards
  • Personal Assistant

  • Office Skills Diploma

  • Accounting Diploma

  • Business IT Diploma

  • Management

  • Business Skills Diploma

  • Management Professional

  • Social Media for Business

  • Essential Skills for Social Media

  • Awards (Various)

Entrepreneurial Programme

This educational module is called “Realising your Potential in Business” and is currently designed to enable non-traditional students to experience education that is light touch, inclusive and developmental because it is based on supportive learning.