Office and Secretarial


Secretarial courses will provide you with the skills needed to work as a secretary across multiple sectors within the fashion industry and provide accurate outputs with ease. 


As a secretary or administration person, your work often consists of supporting management, including executives, using a variety of project management, communication, or organisational skills. Equally, you might manage all the administrative details of running a high-level conference or arrange to take the minutes at meetings and prepare meeting documents for review. With such a wide and varied role it is never more important that you have a multitude of skills and talents to become successful in this role.


Secretarial skills will be an asset whether you are looking for a career as an Executive Secretary, Personal Assistant, Office Manager, or you'd like to build your own administration skills as you build up your own business.  



Sage, Accounting & Bookkeeping


The Accounting courses will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of finance and accounts which will help you start out in your accountancy career. 


A career in accounts can be extremely rewarding.  It could also offer you a very secure job, as fashion and creative organisations businesses need to manage and maintain accurate financial records!


The finance and accountancy training courses range from Business Accounts, Accounting Principles, Standards and Conventions, Costing and Pricing through to Bookkeeping and Sage Payroll.  

Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Office is the most widely used software suite in the vast majority of business and office environments.  Employers and officers across the world use this institute range of applications to manage their business activities on a day-to-day basis.


We provide a comprehensive range of Microsoft Office training courses that are respected by employers.  All our training programme is designed to teach you a thorough understanding of the functionality available from Microsoft Office applications.  

Business & Management


The Business and Management courses range from managing a large corporate business to developing a start-up.


Management roles require a wide and varied skillset which should be regularly refreshed and developed.  Different organisations and business require wide-ranging qualities in their mangers but, there are core skills that all managers should seek to learn.


The Business and Management programmes are people who want to work in key leadership roles such as Project Managment and HR together with a diploma aimed at entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses and who need to learn the core skills to help them hit the ground running with the management and promotion of their new businesses.

Career Developoment

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Are you looking to achieve personal goals, or wanting to update your skills for career progression?  the Career Development courses from Pitmans can help!


If you're looking for a new career or to develop skills to make an impact in your current role, these courses will boost motivation towards your career and help you progress.


Personal and career development is not always just about learning new technical skills; how you develop your interpersonal skills is vital too.  We recognise the importance employers place on these 'softer skills' and offer a range of self and career development training courses to help you in key areas such as time management and productivity.


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Do you want to step into a marketing role within the fashion and creative industry, or have you been thinking of setting up a business which you need to start marketing to help showcase what you have to offer?


Marketing - a broad term that encompasses a vast industry with a wealth of career opportunities.  Our range of marketing training courses can help you gain valuable skills that not only are employers looking for in the new recruits but that can also help you get your own personal brand noticed!


If you're completely new to marketing you will need to take the time to learn the basic practice and principles initially.  From there you can then start to develop your experiences and expertise further and delve into different specialisms that will help you define the role you'd like to achieve for your career.

Web Design and Photoshop

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Web and graphic design is more in demand than ever, many companies now prefer to have in-house team members with design skills, rather than outsourcing to agencies.


Whether you are looking to build a site for your own start-up or need to update your skills to maintain a site for your employer, our web design course range will arm you with the skills required to learn the techie jargon, and build a site from scratch.  We also have a number of courses which will enable you to enhance the creative look and visibility of the websites you go on to create.  Skills in this discipline will continue to be in demand but it's crucial to ensure you're up to date with the latest technology developments and best practice. 


Through training in website design, Dreamweaver, and a range of other industry standard software programs, you can be confident you will gain the digital skills required to land your dream job as a Web Designer.