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Professional Street Photography

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Whether you are a photographer, designer, stylist or art director, this street fashion photography course aims to develop skills in researching, producing and managing street fashion photo shoots. You will be introduced to narrative styles, the planning of shoots, selection of locations and working within a team. You'll also be introduced to lighting outdoor shoots, from simple flash effects to the manipulation of available lighting sources.

This course will include:

The course is a combination of classroom theory, practical location workshops, and independent research, culminating in a professionally executed fashion story shooting with a professional fashion stylist and industry signed models. You'll leave the course with electronic copies of your street fashion photographs and invaluable advice about your next steps toward mastery of street fashion photography.

To benefit from this course you must have some experience of using DSLR or SLR cameras.


Beginners (with some experience of using a DSLR or SLR camera). You should have an interest in the subject area and a desire to learn but no previous experience is required.