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Bra Grading

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Want to apply - Need more Info

Want to apply - Need more Info

Contents and Structure

This course introduces the basic principles of bra grading. You will practice the application of grading principles and modifications to basic grade rules and see demonstrations of bra grading on the Gerber V8 system.


In order to fully participate in the practical exercises please bring the following materials/equipment to the first class:

  • Technical or mechanical pencil

  • Laptop with excel 

  • Pattern master 

  • Tape measurer  

  • Calculator 

Course Content

This course will include:


  • Theory of bra grading

  • How to measure and generate a size chart from a base size garment and pattern

  • Checking base patterns and applying amendments

  • Demonstration of bra grading using the Gerber V8 system

  • Basic cross grading increments

  • How to measure and generate a size chart from grading

  • Basic bra grading increments

  • Assessment of the fit of graded bras

  • Modification to grade rules to obtain correct fit


Intermediate/Advanced. You must have intermediate level pattern cutting skills. Suitable for pattern cutters, graders or garment technologists.

Bra Grading

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