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Adobe Illustration for Fashion

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Want a career in fashion marketing or you want to starting your fashion business. 

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This Adobe Illustrator course will give you a strong grounding in the tools and features of the programme, progressing to teaching you how to produce vector flat design drawings of garments and accessories for spec sheets. Emphasis will be placed on learning to use the pen tool to draw designs freehand and also to trace hand-drawn designs and scanned surface textile designs and photographs. You will learn how to use the colour tools to create customised colour harmony palettes and design ranges in multiple colourways. Furthermore, you'll arrange your designs with text annotations in a spec sheet and export them in PDF and other formats for distribution. Finally you will learn how to use Adobe smartphone apps for iPhone and Android to capture colour themes, brushes and shapes that can be used in your Illustrator design details and patterns.

This course will include:

  • Introduction to the work area, toolbox and palettes

  • Vector graphics including paths, fills and strokes

  • Using the selection and shape tools

  • Using the pen tool for lines and curves

  • Tracing scanned hand-drawn fashion designs, surface pattern designs and photographs of garments

  • Sketching garment flats

  • Using layers to organise designs more efficiently

  • Adding, subtracting and intersecting vector shapes using the pathfinder palette

  • Creating customised colour palettes for swatches and pattern tiles

  • Creative fashion design with Illustrator

  • Using the text tool to annotate final designs

  • Using Adobe smartphone apps for iPhone and Android for your Illustrator design details

Adobe Illustration for Fashion

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