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Website Design for Business Award

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Want to understand how to design and build a business website?
This award will give you three key courses to study; HTML Fundamentals or HTML5 Fundamentals, Javascript Essentials and CSS Essentials  


Whether you want to learn web design to start a new career or simply want to expand your skillset and be able to confidently liaise with website developers, our Website Design for Business Award will give you all the skills you need.    


For any business, having a professional website is essential. A businesses website is the key focal point for brand awareness, customer engagement, customer communication and, quite often, sales.

In the award you’ll cover a wide range of topics from planning, design and initial build of a business website, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practice and how to ensure you have the correct SEO in place on a website, through to working with images to produce professional looking graphics for your site,    


There are three courses in this award;


Javascript Essentials, CSS Essentials and finally you can choose from HTML Fundamentals or HTML5 Fundamentals. This award can be studied completely online so you can choose when and where you would like to study, and as with all our training, it is self-paced so you work through each section in your own time, giving you the ultimate flexibility and ability to build and expand on your website design knowledge.

Aims and Objectives

If you’re new to web design and want to learn how to design and build a business website, this is a great place to begin.

Career Path

With this award you could help to design, implement or manage a website for your organisation. You could work as a Marketing Assistant and have this as one of your niche skillsets and work closely with external digital partners, alternatively you could use this as a way to start a career as a Web Developer. You can even take that a step further and work self-employed as a Web Designer giving you ultimate flexibility and control over your career.

Core Courses

Javascript Essentials

If you’re working towards a career as a Web Designer, Java Fundamentals will give you a great foundation and allow you to fully utilise the features of JavaScript language.

CSS Essentials

If you’re interested in a career in web design, this course will help you learn how to work with the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) language. This common language gives you more control over how your web pages look and appear. 


HTML Fundamentals

HTML is a common language used for website creation. If you’re aspiring towards a career as a Web Developer or Web Designer then having practical experience and proven knowledge in this skill is essential and this course will teach you the basics to help you build attention- grabbing websites

or HTML5 Fundamentals

HTML5 Fundamentals teaches all of the newest syntax and basic principles behind the latest features of HTML. Our expert explains how HTML5 tags and attributes are used to format content and add multimedia to your web pages.

Elective Courses

Not Applicable


There are no specific pre-requisites required for this Diploma.

CPD Points


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(Awarded CPD points upon successful completion)

Guided Learning Time

80 hours flexi-study or 3 weeks full time

(Full-time based on approx 20-30 hours a week)

Website Design for Business Award

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