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Pitman English Diploma

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The Pitman English Diploma is an innovayive way to develop your English language skills whilst also gaining some key skills in business communication.  


If you would like to improve your English language skills to help increase your career prospects, this is the ideal diploma.


Improve your English for career success.

The English language is one of the most common languages in business and trade across the globe. Improving your fluency, whatever level you are at, can increase your career prospects, and open up doors to new opportunities.

The Pitman English Diploma has been designed to help you get to grips with reading, writing, speaking and listening, whilst also assisting you in developing communication channels such as business communication and social media. This diploma offers a wide and varied range of learning methods which will not just help to ensure you increase your competency, but also enjoy learning at the same time.

Pitman English gives you the ability to test and track your progress along the way, combining online resources with live tutoring sessions. This component is available in three, six and twelve month packages* depending on your current ability and desired level of achievement.

*Minimum package is three months.

Aims and Objectives

This course will help you learn the English language to a level that will help you in your career. You’ll get to grips with reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Career Path

This diploma will not only help you learn great communication skills but you’ll study the English language so that you can confidently listen, read, speak and write in English in whatever career you choose.

Core Courses

Pitman English

With Pitman English you can improve key English language skills, converse more fluently and build your vocabulary and pronunciation in a flexible, fun way!

This is an online training course which will help you improve key English language areas:

•    Reading
•    Listening
•    Writing
•    Speaking

At the very beginning of the course, you’ll sit a Proficiency Assessment test to ascertain your current skill level. From here, you’ll get straight into the course, choosing units
or subject areas you find interesting and relevant to you. This could be anything from travel, sports and technology, through to world news.

The topics are regularly updated, so the course content is topical and relevant.
To ensure you’re studying at the appropriate level, you’ll resit the Proficiency Assessment every three months to track and monitor your progress. The course level will then advance as appropriate.


Effective Business Communication

This excellent course will raise your game when it comes to business communication skills which is often top of the list of qualities demanded by employers.





Elective Courses

•    LinkedIn for Jobseekers
•    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Business
•    Social Media Strategy for Business
•    Google+ for Business

•    Twitter for Business

•    Video for Business
•    Blogging for Business
•    LinkedIn for Business
•    Facebook for Business
•    Pinterest for Business
•    Instagram for Business


(Alternative subjects may be chosen if more suitable to your existing skills and career.)

To discuss your current skills and aspirations for the future, please 



There are no formal pre-requisites required but some basic English language understanding will be required. Please speak to a Course Advisor about sitting the Proficiency Assessment to work out your current level of English language ability

CPD Points


CPD Accredited Badge.jpg

(Awarded CPD points upon successful completion)

Guided Learning Time

Around 75 hours flexi study

Pitman English Diploma

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