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Executive PA Diploma

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One of the stand-out diplomas offering world-class Executive PA Training, this programme has been designed to give you a broad range of skills required to help you stand out and get the job.

Enjoy a rewarding career as a successful PA.  On successfu completion of this diploma you will have the skills to be a highly-valued and well paid Personal or Executive Assistant.


The essential skills you need to get the job and succeed   


As a highly regarded Executive PA, you’ll act as a life- organiser to the senior management and company directors, anticipating their needs and ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. To help you stay one step ahead, our Executive PA Diploma has been designed to give you a broad range of skills to help you stand out and get the job.You’ll learn up-to-date Microsoft Office applications, get familiar with the latest accountancy packages and learn or refine traditional secretarial skills including touch typing and audio transcription. In addition, you can also choose from four elective subjects to complement your core skills in the areas of Shorthand, Marketing, Dreamweaver, PR and Bookkeeping to name just a few.

What will you get in return?

A Pitman Training diploma is one of the most prestigious courses you can take from one of the most highly regarded training organisations across the world. With your Executive PA Diploma, you’ll have world class skills to get a job as a highly valued, well paid Personal or Executive Assistant.

Aims and Objectives

To help you stay one step ahead, our Executive PA Diploma has been designed to give you a broad range of skills to help you stand out and get a PA job. As a highly regarded Executive PA, you’ll act as a life-organiser to the senior management and company directors, anticipating their needs and ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Career Path

One of our most popular diplomas for anyone wanting to work as a PA. Offering a wide range of topics, progression options from here are wide. You could opt to add some niche skills such as social media or bookkeeping to take on additional responsibility or progress further to work as a Virtual Assistant.

Core Courses

Typaz and Typaz Speed

In just 25 hours speeds of 20-40+ words per minute are perfectly achievable, even if you have little prior experience. You’ll also receive guidance on ergonomics, technique and accuracy. Building your speed and accuracy, our Typaz Speed touch-typing course will take you to speeds of 40-60 words per minute


or Typaz Professional

For those needing high proficiency at touch-typing and keyboard skills. The course lasts up to 40 hours and includes the alpha- numeric keys and high-end learning materials.

Effective Business Communication

This excellent course will raise your game when it comes to business communication skills which is often top of the list of qualities demanded by employers.


Our Microsoft Word course is designed to provide you with the essential skills you will need to be proficient in Word, in a work environment, in as short a time as possible.

Word Expert

This training in Microsoft Word will propel your Word skills forward to an advanced level. Over several lessons, you’ll become confident in a range of Word’s more sophisticated features.




Microsoft Excel is the world's most popular shreadsheet program.  This course is suitable for beginner to intermediate level.  Over ten self-paced lessons you’ll learn how to format your spreadsheet to best display your information, handle simple and complex formulas, insert charts, learn how to insert functions such as IFERROR and much much more.

Excel Expert

Our Excel Expert level course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to use this popular spreadsheet programme to an advanced level. Over a series of self-paced lessons you’ll learn how to perform tasks such as conditional formatting, recording and running macros, working with pivot tables and using statistical functions.



Our PowerPoint training course will help you get to grips with this comprehensive presentation software. Flexible to study, you can choose the version of Microsoft Office you wish to study on   



An understanding of how to utilise Microsoft Access to it’s best is a highly worthwhile skill to have at your command. This is a popular database application is widely used across many employment sectors.


This flexible study Outlook course takes you through everything you need to use this popular email system as a work tool, from navigation and views through contacts and appointments, to tasks and folders.
Audio Transcription
Audio Transcription is a valuable skill to gain, with applications in many industry sectors. This course will help you learn how to operate audio transcribing equipment and become proficient in document transcription.

or Marketing Essentials

Over four lessons you’ll cover topics such as understanding what a marketing plan is, how to carry out appropriate research, how
websites are designed to market the company, effective advertising and the four P’s of marketing products.  


Event Management Essentials

Learn some tricks of the trade and really get to grips with event project management to ensure your events are always ones people are talking about for all the right reasons.   

Successful Meetings and Minutes

Taking clear and accurate minutes is a core task for any office admin, secretarial or PA job. This course will teach you all of the skills and techniques you need to take the stress out of minute taking.

or Meetings and Minutes Seminar
This one-day tutor-led seminar is one of our most popular seminars ideal for anyone involved in organising meetings and taking notes at those meetings. You’ll learn how to prepare ahead of the meeting, how to take effective minutes and work effectively post-meeting to maximise your effectiveness and help manage your time effectively.

Shorthand (optional)

Gain a new skill by learning the theory of shorthand to give you a competitive edge by writing at speed.




Elective Courses

  • Marketing

  • Shorthand Fast Bookkeeping Level 2 - Module 1

  • Wordpress for Business

  • Sage 50 Accounts

  • Speedwriting

  • HR Essentials

  • Health and Safety Essentials

(Alternative subjects may be chosen if more suitable to your existing skills and career.)  


To discuss your current skills and aspirations for the future, please speak to one of our friendly advisors


You don't need too have gained any specific experience or qualifications before starting this diploma programme.

CPD Points


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(Awarded CPD Points upon successful completion)

Guided Learning Time

300-340 hours Fexi-study 12-14 weeks full-time.

(Full-time based on approximately 20-30 hours a week.

Executive PA Diploma

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