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Event Management Award

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Priceless for anyone involved in organising events, the training within this award brings together all the elements you need to produce memorable, stress-free, successful events.  


A more condensed version of the longer diploma, the Event Management Award will help you gain an increased confidence in planning and running events. Great for Event Managers,
charity fundraisers, business owners and many more roles, you’ll find this award provides many skills that can be used throughout your career.


Event organising is a very sought after role, whether in its own right or within a wider job spec. But it’s not as easy as it may first appear – and the secret is in being ultra organised.

It’s a skill juggling multiple tasks, co-ordinating large groups of people, marketing for maximum success, and taking care of all the little details which others would forget. Have a clear plan and follow a tried and tested process and you’ll revel in the challenge.

What the award provides you with:


Taking you through practical steps to ensure your event success, you’ll learn skills in:
•    Project management - planning and executing successful events
•    Organising activities with clear schedules
•    Communicating effectively to get the best from your team
•    Marketing your events to gain maximum attendance
•    Business use of Microsoft systems, using IT to be more efficient and productive

You can also choose to brush up your design skills to help create marketing literature, improve your speedwriting for faster note taking or develop your project management skills as a whole


What will you get in return?


After your practical training, you’ll find an increased confidence in planning and running events, and much of the stress will be reduced as you feel more in control. You’ll have a formula to use for any events you run in this job, and in your future career.  Nationally recognised by employers it also looks great on your CV

Aims and Objectives

This course is designed to give you the key skills required to be able to plan, set-up and oversee events.

Career Path

There are many roles that would benefit from event management training, a PA for example could be asked to organise conferences or events as part of their role. With this award on your CV it could lead to a more specialised career in events management such as Event Manager or Project Manager

Core Courses

Courses Included

Event Management Essentials

Learn some tricks of the trade and really get to grips with event project management to ensure your events are always ones people are talking about for all the right reasons

Marketing Essentials

Over four lessons you’ll cover topics such as understanding what a marketing plan is, how to carry out appropriate research, how websites are designed to market the company, effective advertising and the four P’s of marketing products.

Our Microsoft Word course is designed to provide you with the essential skills you will need to be proficient in Word, in a work environment, in as short a time as possible.

or Excel

Microsoft Excel is the world’s most popular spreadsheet program. This course is suitable for beginner to intermediate level. Over 10 self-paced lessons you’ll learn how to format your spreadsheet to best display your information, handle simple and complex formulas, insert charts, learn how to insert functions such as IFERROR and much much more.

Elective Courses

Not Applicable


There are no specific pre-requisites required for this Diploma.

CPD Points


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(Awarded CPD points upon successful completion)

Guided Learning Time

50 hours flexi-study or 2 weeks full time

(Full-time based on approx 20-30 hours a week)

Event Management Award

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